Leadership Scorecard Integrated Media Co Ltd is a media platform that promotes leadership capital in form of creativity, innovation, intellect or culture on a scale and stage that attracts global attention. It publishes daily-scorecard online @ www.dailyscorecard.com.ng , weekly-scorecard online @ www.weeklyscorecard.com.ng and Leadership Scorecard magazine both online @ www.leadershipscorecard.com and print with ISSN: 2476-8715.

VISION: To be pacesetters in leadership performance monitoring and evaluation in Africa.

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MISSION: To ensure that leaders are accountable for their roles in governance on the continent.




Humphrey Onyima (B.A Ed in English; PGD Journalism in view) is a trained teacher, ICT compliant, an affable author, poet, renowned publisher and a highly sought-after knowledge facilitator on leadership.

A former Student Union Leader and currently the Publisher/CEO of daily-scorecard online, weekly-scorecard online and Leadership Scorecard magazine both online and print. He is a seasoned policy formation specialist and fervid advocate of Pan-Africanism.